Duck, Duck, Labrador Retriever?

This is another one that I have never done. Painting or activity wise.

DUCK HUNTING. In any way, shape, or form.

Not dissimilar to goose hunting one can imagine, but I decided to do this one from on the water. Since I have not sat in a boat covered in fake grass and camo with my nonexistent hunting dog. Waiting very still for ducks to come close or fly over, I can not truly say what this would look like in action. Luckily we live in a world of social media so I just had to ask friends for their input and help. Also, I know how to google things.

The difficulty in this saw was not the background or animals, it was the boat with human and dog somewhat, but mostly that the saw was shorter than all the rest and had a hole at the end. Figuring out the placement to get as much of the “action’ shot as I could was what took some time to decide.

This is what I decided. Since I didn’t have as much room as I was used to I decided to only have one duck, but it be large like it was flying towards me to get away from the hunter. Just being happy it didn’t get shot. A story to tell all his duck friends about how he escaped the water monster.

I kind of wanted to add the duck that got shot, similar to the goose pit saw, but I wasn’t sure what the duck would look like. What does a dead duck do when a duck does get shot dead? Sink a little? Float? Did the dog get it before it really figured out which of those two it is supposed to do? If I ever get around to going duck hunting on the water, it will be one less mystery in life for me. Till then I will probably never know. Unless you want to tell me of course.

After some consulting I did have to tweak the dog a little. There are a lot of hunting dogs out that and I wasn’t completely correct on my dog for the water. So I had to do some tail and details changes. Just a little. Otherwise I got the okay that the duck looked real, the dog was correct, and over all the saw looked good.

Go get em pup!!


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