Downloading Fonts

I am not a computer expert so I had to look up how to get the downloaded fonts files to run in Word for my onesies project. I will save you the Google searches and tell you here.

1. Download font file to your computer.
2. Go to your Downloads file and click on the file you just downloaded (it should have an icon that is a folder with a zipper on it. This means it is compressed.)
3. Uncompress the file by right clicking on it and selecting Extract all. (The zipper should no longer be on the folder icon.)
4. Open the now unzipped file. They normally have about 3 or 4 items in them. Double click on the one that has a .txt after it (this is the text (font) file) and another box should open. Click Install.
5. Once installed Copy the .txt file and Paste it in the Fonts folder in your computer. (Desktop –> Control Panel –> Appearance and Personalization –> Fonts)
6. Restart your computer so that they upload into Word.
7. Now use in Word.


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