Do You Believe in Curses?

With the new Mummy movie coming out I am checking off number 7 of my Achieves of the mind. Egypt. And I am starting with my favorite….

The God Anubis.

The jackal.

The God associated with mummification, burial, funerals, and the afterlife.

Now this isn’t the normal colors I go for. No red? Scandalous!! Definitely the subject and idea that is me. If I ever got a house I have always wanted to have a spare bedroom that was Egyptian themed. I have always loved Anubis, yes I like what he represents, but I like him as a jackal. The owl headed Gods look odd to me. The other Egyptian gods and associations that I like are; the Goddess Isis with her outstretched wings, Cleopatra, Scarab beetles, and the Canopic jars used in mummification. I have always liked Egyptian history, all the pyramids and temples they built, hieroglyphs, and overall imagery. Watching the Mummy, Mummy Returns, and Scorpion King movies also didn’t help, in a good way, they reaffirmed my love of it. I recommend watching them.

Anywho… here we go.

I like this more masculine version and not the hieroglyphics version. The more versions there are means more differences in how they are portrayed. I wanted it to be appealing to me, but still accurate. There was a lot of googling and researching done to try to make this happen. I am not sorry though. I learned a lot more about a topic I enjoy. Which did lead to a tangent into Greek and Titan mythology. We all get side tracked.

I love it and I want to make more!


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