Day Of

The day has come and went. Presents open and games played. I wish I would have taken photos the night before of all that we had set up, but I was too tried and we had some final details to work out in the morning. Well the next morning my family was up and sitting all over so there went that photo-op. Oh well.

Here are some of the pictures I did get. You can see how our Rubber Ducky theme played out and projects worked out.

DSCN4138 IMG_0100

DSCN4140 IMG_0099 IMG_0098

All of the end tables, accent tables, and presents table were covered with blue and had glass jars filled with colored water (seen above) or blue gems and had rubber ducks floating all around. Also my sister loves ducks so we took some of her old stuffed animal ducks and placed them on the chairs and couch with a blue throw blanket. Outside I brought my blue deck chairs and added some yellow, blue, and pink ducky balloons.

I think everything turned out just right!!

Time to relax. Haha just kidding. I have some requests to start on.


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