Dark Side of Disney

Well after all the circular saws last fall and the handsaws I just did I am taking a break and going back to some canvases. Maybe working on a few of the ideas off my list. I don’t really have much room on my walls to do anything big, but I have a handful of my 8’ by 11’ canvases left. But where to put them? And what should they be?

I think the only wall area I really have left is in my front hallway or in my bedroom next to the three black, grey, and red lips I have. I have 7 canvases so I think I will do three on each side of the lips. I recently watched the live action Beauty and the Beast and made me think of my favorite Disney movies or at least characters.

Ursula is always number one. Which I know might be weird, most girls love the princesses, I love a villain. What can I saw, she speaks to me somehow. Or maybe it’s because my sister loved watching the Little Mermaid over and over that I eventually started to root for the villain. Both equally likely. With that said I have always liked Ariel’s red hair, so she is on there too. Belle from Beauty and the Beast is my second favorite, unfortunately her blue and yellow signature colors don’t really fit with my wall. Alladin has a spot in top 5. I like the whole movie, but visually I like when the whole castle, gene, and Jasmine’s outfits turn evil and red from Jafar. However, her outfit turns red, but the rest is gold still. Close in colors, so this a possibility.

So the question is, do you paint what you like no matter if it fits, or do you make the odd ball fit because you like it?

For now I’m going with what works, something black, red, and grey, to go with the lips (plus one extra because I could). But after I look at it for a while I could always change my mind and make another one I like better. If I do, I am betting it would be dark jasmine.


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