Culinary Exploration

I have been slacking.

I haven’t been in a painting and drawing mood. However, I have been in a cooking mood. Work was slow and I was sick of the same ole same ole grocery list and dinners. So lately I have been going into my Pinterest boards and ACTUALLY making some of the food I have pinned there. Weird concept, I know.

It started with my sister being pregnant and about to pop. My other sister and I went over to help her set up her baby room and such and we started talking about how it is a busy and long day after work and needing to get dinner ready when you are dead on your feet. So the next time I went over the baby was here and I decided to help a sista out and make some ready to go freeze meals. We looked online and came up with a few that appealed to her. I made the whole recipe, but then split each of them in half so that they wouldn’t have to eat the same dish 5 nights in a row just to get rid of it and move on to the next. So far they seem to like them. As least I haven’t given them food poisoning, so that is a plus!!

I had food and cooking on my mind.

So for me, this is what I have made so far…

1. Bacon Wrapped Smokies. They were delicious!

2. Bacon Corn Dip. It was good, but nothing to write home about for me. I think I prefer cold corn salsas instead. But at least I tried it out!

3. Loaded Baked Potato Salad. I baked the potatoes for as long as they said, but I think my oven is off because they were a bit over cooked. I will have to try this one again.

4. Jalopeno Popper Corn Fritters. These were good! However, a sauce would have been nice and they did suggest one you could make. But it was at the bottom of the page in a link. So when I was making my grocery list I didn’t go down that far and thus did not see it. If I make these again I will have to remember to make the sauce. I just used a spicy mustard instead.
Food2 Food3

5. Crab Balls. They were great and easy! Just a little dry. I drained all the juice from the crab (the recipe does not say to do this but I do this with all canned food) so maybe I should have keep it all and then maybe they wouldn’t have been as dry. Dipped in some sweet chili sauce and I could eat them all day!

6. Meatball Subs. Again delicious! Worked out just as the recipe said. I only needed to pull the croissant rolls up the sides of the muffin cups more. But that was me, not the recipe.

7. Crab Rangoons ( and The hardest part of making this was finding the wonton wrappers. I apparently was looking in the wrong place. I asked and eventually found them. I made two different recipes and just cut them in half so that I could try both. In honesty I couldn’t really tell much of a difference so either would work since they were both great. I also tried the baked version and fried. Fried was clearly better, but then that is what I am used to anyways. The baked was less crispy but also had no oil. Pick your battles I guess.

8. And lastly… I am making Slow-cooker Zuppa Toscana today. We will see if it is as good as Olive Garden’s.



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