Cornfeild Stalks and Pheasant Flocks

Progression. As anything in life one must always try to get better. So I have been watching more tutorials online to better my skills in color layering and texture for plants. Taking extra time to appreciate the paintings on the walls in the hallways I roam. I paint a lot and did take some drawing classes, but that by no means means that I have experience in all of these techniques. I try and some times I fail. Nail polish remover works wanders removing paint from these saw blades, which I occasionally need to use. Tip from me to you.

I say this because I have never painted cornstalks and grassy weeds like this before. Worked out in the end. Or at least I think it did.

The first picture was the original background I was going to leave it at. But after glancing at it during my day to day activities I decided that the fade off into nothing on the middle right didn’t seem right. So the add-ons for this saw were fence posts to give some depth, fallen corn stacks, and more defined back edge of the field.

Personally, while out walking over the bumpy dirt of picked fields, through wooded forests, down grassy hills, over creeks, and crawling under barbed wired fences for hunting I have seen deer, turkey, pheasants, coyotes, cows, and squirrels. So with this background I had many choices.

I picked pheasants. See my paper cutouts below.

Now just to add the paint and create pheasants like I have before. With a variety of positions for the birds.



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