Christmas Requests

When you think of Christmas presents your mind doesn’t normally go to painted saws. However, ever since I started painting saws and handsaws I have been getting requests for personalized ones this time of year. Previous requests have been saws with vehicles, depicting their hunting dogs, and this year two seasonal saws depicting my friends childhood home as gifts for her parents. Gifts of this sort definitely appeal more to hunters, country, farming, outdoors, etc people. Though with current country and rustic interior design themes as well as the antler and wood accents becoming more popular, this might be changing.

My parents did aerial views of their house every 5 years or so. Seeing how the trees have grown and landscape has changed was always fun to see. Despite knowing that trees start small (duh), it’s fascinating to see the pine trees that line their property used to be shorter than me and now are 3-4 times taller. I have only known them as large pines. The aerial views from when they first bought their property when there were barely any trees, is kind of a mind f*ck. Wanting to do this if you have large land in the country makes sense, in town not so much. And, certain group of people.

With that said, if you have taken the time to walk across your property site to take pictures of your house during different times of the year, you might be interested in having those images hand painted on saws to display. Which was exactly what my friend (J) thought her parents might like.

Parents are so giving. J asked hers to send summer and winter pictures of their house, if they could find them of course. They did, without even asking what for. That’s the best part. My dad did something similar when I asked him to sign his name a few different sizes on a piece of paper and mail it to me. Never asked why or what I was using it for, suspicious request since you can do a lot with someone’s signature, but lo’ and behold a few days later a piece of paper with his name signed two dozen times or so showed up. Parents, asked a ton of questions about everything we did growing up and now don’t ask questions at all about random requests. It was for a tattoo, in case anyone was wondering. It turned out well too.

Back to business. Two saws, one winter one summer. With the slight difficulty that they couldn’t find a full summer view and I have never seen their house, so I had to go from the snowy winter picture and ask A LOT of questions. Here we go.




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