Christmas Came Early

Halloween is my favorite holiday and Christmas my second. Decorating for holidays causes me to go a little over board. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas, including this one.

For my first Christmas in my apartment I didn’t have much for decorations, I had only been there about 2 months, so for future Christmases I set out to get decorations or make some or combination there of. I had seen these wine bottle Santas and since I had some bottles left over from my dining room center piece project, I got started on trying to make them.

I had a bought a half table for my hallway for cheap and sanded and painted it for my use. It was a perfect place for my Santas. One Santa seemed lonely so I made 3. Different bottle sizes and slightly different decorating. I didn’t want them all the same.


I had a whole apartment to decorate therefore I had done these in November and the timing couldn’t have been better! Every thanksgiving we go to my aunt and uncles and they have a big pine tree in the front yard. The pine cones were perfect for another project I had seen.

I don’t know how to clean pine cones (spiders were coming out of them when I got home! My apartment is a spider free zone!). But I do know now that rinsing them or soaking them in water is not the right answer. There were no more spiders, but they made the cones close up. Baking them to dry them out did the trick to reverse that however. So lesson learned and all worked out!

Some metallic paint and very mini flower pots and drum roll please…


Aren’t they cute?! Together my table looked ready for the holidays.


After trials with other bottles, I liked the Champaign bottles the best for the Santas. The fatter bottoms fit really nice for the Santa shape. Since I had extra paint I made some more.


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