Chatham Bars Inn and Cape Cod

Day 4: Cape Cod

I cannot say enough how amazing, comfortable, relaxing, large the rooms were, etc that Chatham Bars Inn was!!!! Seriously stay there! That is not even saying how great the staff and restaurant was! I could have stayed there all week! I know I am gussing over it now, but I want you to truly understand how much I loved this place!!! Walking right outside and seeing the sunrise, a beach just outside, the landscaping, and the décor and ambience of the Inn was perfect!!!



Now this place is more on the expensive side, so we decided to do most of the day up Cape Cod and then end back at the hotel for a splurge dinner and relaxing. And by relaxing I mean we bought beer at the Sam Adams Brewery and were going to drink it. FUN TIP: For the car ride we simply bought a bucket at Walgreens and filled it with ice from out Boston hotel, then put it in the refrigerator here once we checked in. Easy.

Starting at the tippy top of the peninsula at Provinetown. We just walked along all the streets, looking at all the shops, the houses, and had mini meals of lobster rolls, homemade chocolates, drinks at a few bars along the water, etc. Since there was so much we just munched as we went instead of doing one main meal at one place, so that we could experience as much as we could. You could get lost there for a while.

Then we just made our way down stopping to see the many lighthouses, beaches, and try to see some seals! Which we did! At a few of the beaches actually. As long as you are willing to stay a little while and truing enjoy the view. There are planned whale and seal watching boats if you are interested. I have gone whale watching in Seattle, so we just decided to hope for the best that we would catch a glimpse.

Finally, diner time. Which we had back at our hotel and was amazing!!!! Seriously that Inn was doing it right. I had fresh crab cakes and the chef’s special, which was fresh tuna!!!! SOOOOOO good! There is also a spa there, so if you would stay longer, I am betting that would have been great too! I would go back and would suggest it to others, obviously!

Yummy. Yummy.


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