Chapter 5: As the last petal falls.

Almost done. Just the bottom is left to fill.


Between the red of the raven and octopus it looks like the bottom could use some red. However, this is the one canvas I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to have on it. I was thinking of a red background with black roses. I drew one out with only the outlines of the petals painted black. I liked how this looked but wasn’t sure if I really wanted to shade in the petals the black and grey (the grey was what made me a little wary). I then looked into adding more roses to make a bouquet, but that looked a little cheesy and I didn’t like the stems. I could add a fun vase to hide them, but that is covering up more of the red. A lot going on in a small canvas, so I left it with just one rose. Didn’t seem like enough though.

Recently I went on a drive with my sister and we listened to a Disney CD, which is better than the country music she made me listen to the last trip we took. The Disney music brought back good childhood memories and made me really want to watch all the movies again. My parents have all of my favorites, but they are on VHS. Despite having a box TV, it doesn’t have a VCR. Luckily for me they have been playing Disney movies on TV! But not Beauty and the Beast, now that is all I want to watch! P.S. it isn’t on Netflix. I checked.

Anywho… while debating what to do about this painting, Beauty and the Beast came to mind. Especially the Rose under the clotch that is part of the Beast’s curse.



It is almost complete. Though sitting back in bed looking at it, I might exchange the silhouette and x-ray painting on the bottom (painting 2 &3) for a white sayings painting and move those two to the right side. But who knows.


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