Chapter 4: Remember to curl your lashes.

Chapter 4: Remember to curl your lashes.

Even in high school I had a thing about drawing faces, more specifically eyes and lips, and only half of the face. I never could make it look symmetrical. And I have a things about things being symmetrical!!!! This might have influenced my makeup skills, I really like my eyeliner and lipstick! I only just made that connection actually. Hmm. I would draw them in art class, in the margins of my notebooks, and in the notes I would pass. My art teacher complimented my eye drawing skills, I had perfected the eyelashes. I even made a life size cut out for my college dorm. (I would show a picture, but as I was looking at my college photos, all of them have me right in front of them or someone else, and I would like to keep those pictures of me where they are. In the past.)

Anywho, I have already made three lips paintings and only ONE eye painting! But that one won’t work, its teal, green, and grey. NOT on color scheme!! Even though I would love, absolutely LOVE, to have red or purple colored contacts.


I was going to put a nose with a piercing like mine on there too, thus why the eye is off centered, but once I drew it in it didn’t look right. Maybe I will still go back add a eyebrow piercing or the nose and a small corner of the lips. Red of course!



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