Case the Joint

The antlers were a simple addition that really changed the dresser top of my bedroom. Other simple additions that can make a huge impact are PILLOWS!

I personally like having pillow cases, not necessarily the design being on the actual pillow. This is mostly for washing preferences. If you spill something or obviously fabrics absorb smells of pets, sweat, smoke, foods, etc. you can simply take the cover off and wash it without having to throw the WHOLE pillow in. After washing the whole pillow enough times they inside stuffing will break down and apart. Thus how you get pillows that have that globby feel to them. The stuffing has made multiple little mounds/balls inside the pillow. Also washing the whole pillow takes a lot to dry, so can you be truly 100% sure it dried all the way through? And like any fabric, repeated washing will start to break down the seams and fade the colors. For all these reasons I am more of a take a pillow case off wash and return type person.

This is what my chairs and couch looked like before with the pillows that came with it.

CHair newphone pics 348

And this is what a few pillow cases can do.

Pillows1 Pillows3 Pillows

There was nothing wrong with the pillows, just the patterns and colors were not my thing. Left over fabric from other projects, zippers, and some thread later and now the colors are mine and fit with my design. Use what you have!!! If I was doing my large pillows for my couch I might as well do the smaller ones for the chairs. From the left over fabric scrapes we made some small ones with all the colors and patterns of my other pillows so that they all tied in. (By we I mean, I don’t have a sewing machine, my mother does. I know how to sew, but she is x10 better than I am. So with her help, I got the fabric and drew out what I wanted and she sewed them up. I helped around the house and she paid me in pillow cases!!) It is a parent-child relationship that works out very well!!

I started doing this when I was given these small accent pillows that say “You make me so hoppy.” Its Easter themed, so not really year round pillows.


If you are doing small pillows or want them to have different colors or patterns on either side then when at the fabric store you should buy the small fabric squares. Right size, saves money, and you wont have a ton of excess fabric scrapes hanging around.


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