Brick by Brick We Pave Our Lives

House DIY time!

My friend is redoing and updating different aspects of her house. An unfinished basement, old fireplace, unfinished cabinets, four different floors, over grown landscape, dying landscape, outdated bathroom, etc. A true fixer upper. And she wants it farmhouse style. She finished the living room and managed the landscape and new deck. On to the cabinets, fireplace, and accents.

I used to have a “pre” fireplace picture that she had sent to me, but I lost it when I broke my phone. Phones, rely on them a little too much me thinks.

I watch, more in the past then I have recently, a lot of HGTV shows. Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict, Flea Market Flip, etc. So when she said she wanted farmhouse style I remembered all of these houses, majority from Fixer Upper, that fit perfectly for farmhouse décor. Glass jars, white fireplace, large candle sticks, white distressed cabinets with antique handles, and throw pillows everywhere. Plus I like organizing so the unfinished basement and all the kids toys down there, ugh, you can only image the organizers dream! Plus for the deck they just finished I have seen some amazing DIY pallet furniture designs and cute deck décor!

So with that, when we were talking about all of the things she wanted to do to her house I suggested painting the fireplace and she was all for it. And I was all in for helping!!

It took, well, a long time to paint since the bricks were so far part. Had to hand paint all the grot and couldn’t just use a roller. But it turned out amazing! Fits right in with the style she wanted.




It took a lot of paint, but it was a simple thing to do that made sooooo much of a difference visually! Replacing or even just painting the metal of the fireplace black or gold would make this a different level of complete. A stack of Birch wood in the right corner would also be an easy accent in style and color! The white goes well with the farmhouse look of the kitchen she wants and is a nice break from the dark colors of the living room.

Who ever said paint was the cheapest and easiest way to transform something was very, very right!!


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