Birch Birch Here, Birch Birch There, Everywhere Birch Birch

Going to my aunt and uncle’s for Thanksgiving and seeing all of their decorations and hearing about all of the projects that they have done, themselves, makes me know my craftsiness runs in the family. They and my mother have a lot in common when it comes to decorating for the different seasons and holidays. This is where I get it from!!! Anyways, I make things from my parents all the time, so I thought that I would make one for my aunt. Craftiness understands craftiness, also it is always nice to get presents. My aunt and uncle like the outdoors and going on trips to see the trees, this also runs in my family. Not to me… yet, God only knows, but does among my parents, aunts, and uncles. On road trips my parents preferred looking at the trees, barns, and farms more than watching DVDs, playing car games, or playing a lot of music. A cornfield is a cornfield to me, so I would just go into my own little world and tune out everything else. A skill that is very handy still till this day!!!

After seeing many wood projects on Pinterest I had decided to make or get a wood related present for them. Birch, being that my aunt’s favorite is birch trees. It is a little, ok a lot, late to go out and get an actual Birch tree limbs or stumps. The snow would have made the wood too wet and probably get moldy and the cold would have made the wood too hard to really work with. While shopping at Hobby Lobby I noticed some vases that were made to look like tree bark. They were about 10-12 inches tall with a 3-4 inch diameter, but it cost $24.99!!! More than I was willing to pay. However, while I was there they had a HUGE stack of terracotta pots that were the same dimensions as the birch tree vase I saw. If that wasn’t a sign I don’t know what is. And these pots were $1!!!! Sold! Why they were on sale for so cheap I have no idea, I compared them to the ones on the shelf that were at regular price and I couldn’t find a difference. So I grabbed some up!!

Now I can only do so much or at least I am only willing to do so much. I was going to paint these vases to look like the bark of birch trees, but I was not going to (and honestly did not know how to) make my vases as “3D” as the ones I saw at Hobby Lobby. By 3D I mean they had a rugged top so that it looked more like a tree than the curved lip of my vases. Also the sides were irregular and flowing more like bark is on an actual tree. Mine was going to be straight and smooth.


Not too bad, if I don’t say so myself.
I put glass vases inside of these for cut flowers since there wasn’t a hole at the bottom for draining to actually plant something in them.

Once I had these and that they turned out well I also wanted to do a large terrecota planting pot for them. They have a greenhouse, thus I figured they could use it for actual plants or decorating during the Fall and Winter seasons. Whichever they wanted, I like diversity.

Threw in some (fake) poinsettias for the season and I was ready!


Now I bought a few of the tall, slender terracotta vases so I also tried another wood vase project. I had seen some similar ideas on the internet, but in all honesty saw one I really liked in the bathroom at a funeral home. From that I based my design for this idea.

All I needed was some dry, straight-ish sticks, fake moss (can get at the dollar store), glue gun, and ribbon. And here you go.



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