Bear Necessities

The background for this saw came from the fall colors I saw on my trip throughout New England last fall. Just during peak leaf peeping (yes, that is the correct term) season.

The inspiration:


A lot of people love the fall, myself being one of them. I like the cooling weather, holidays, seasonal food, and the color changes. There is a whole industry dedicated to people driving through the woods, national parks, and along the coasts, bed and breakfast, fall festivals, etc, just to see these colors change. So why not, in the spirit of fall, reflect that on one of my saws as well.

What animal to paint though. I have done; deer – check, geese – check, ducks – check, pheasants – check… what does that leave me with. Turkeys, moose, bears, cows? I think some black bears will be a nice contrast.

The plan:

A little bear family and maybe some storks in the water or birds. I have been wanting to include more animals, other than the main focal ones, to I don’t know, add to the saws? Make them more realistic. More of the combination of animals you see out in nature. Animals aren’t just in zones. I want to show that more if I can.

I decided on the Sandhill cranes, that are about 5 ft tall and I am slightly afraid of now, to be my extra animals since they are found in Minnesota.

After the bears were done I had a slight internal debate. In my original plan (see top) I had a mama bear and two cubs standing together and one cub running trying to catch up. Looking at it, I couldn’t decide if one more bear was enough since they are off centered. Were 4 bears enough to have a real presence or should I add one more cub?  I didn’t want it to look like they were just added for the sake of adding animals. I wanted then to look natural and in mid-action not posed. Maybe I had is this conflict because this saw was a bit wider than the rest. Or maybe because I had just done a smaller saw and wanted to make up for not doing as many animals on that one. Either way I decided to change the last cubs.

Two fighting cubs. Now it was a complete family.




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