Are you distressed or distressing?

Halloween season is upon us people!!!!!! The weather has chilled, the leaves are starting to change, pumpkins are growing, and it is time to decorate the hell out of my apartment. True I have all the same decorations from last year, nothing new for you to see there, but I have all the items I picked up at the thrift store to add this year. I already talked about the candle holder I painted. Now for some decorative mirrors.


I am not sure why they are different colors even though they are the same product. I like the distressed mirror look better than the straight up gold one. Easy fix.


First use the dark brown to distress or antique the gold color. Then black to match the darkest spots on the already antique looking mirror. Dip into paint and then brush off the tip of the paint brush so that you are only adding a thin layer of black. We are not trying to black out the color.


Once this was done I noticed my painted mirror was darker than the original one I was trying to match. The paint dries fast, so I couldn’t go back and wipe it off. Instead I used gold metallic paint to add back some more of that gold color.


I think they came out pretty close. Even though they are not exact they are not going to be side by side so any visitor won’t see the differences.

Check that off my list!


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