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It always seems that as I am painting one canvas I get the idea for another. I may or may not be needing that idea at the time. Also while watching TV shows, movies, and music videos, I see images that I just fall in love with. From this I have a list of ideas that I think would look amazing. Sometimes I want them for myself and others I just want to make them because of how beautiful they could be. It’s kind of like purging my mind. Writing down the idea keeps it from being forgotten, but it doesn’t get the picture out of my head. A quick sketch in pen on a random piece of paper is nothing like a painting vivid with color hanging on a wall.

I know you must be BURSTING with curiosity to know what my list is. I might tell you, but you have to promise not to tell or show anyone. Must stay between you and me.

1. A violin of some sort
2. There was a scene in American Horror Story: Asylum (Season 2 Episode 7) where the “angel of death” is leaning over a person with her wings outstretched. Something like that. There is also a scene at the very end in Mylie Cyrus’ Can’t Be Tamed music video with her wings open and is in a large bird cage. I think you should be able to get the idea from those.
3. Another American Horror Story scene I like is in Freak Show. Where the circus tents are bent and twisted. I like the colors and over all image of it. Not sure which episode, I will have to go back and rewatch the show.
4. Medical tools in some sort in an X-ray type look.
5. Mermaid, but obviously not the normal aspect or image. Some different angle or focus.
6. Skeleton keys
7. Egypt themed grouping. I have always wanted to visit!!!!
8. Masquerade masks. I love masquerade balls! And anything custom party like. But that really shouldn’t surprise you, now should it?!?!
9. Grimm reaper
10. From the movie Chicago I always liked the Cell Block Tango song. After all of the women had shared their stories and were now all dancing together, the background became a bunch of bared cell doors, red background, and silhouettes of women dancing. I always wanted to paint a whole wall to look like that. Floor to ceiling.
11. Carousal, but a little more twisted and dark. Not the normal pastel color palette you are used to.

Go ahead. Take a look at those scenes if you want a glimpse into my head.


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