Adjustments in Life

Enough about me for a bit, I started this before I moved and seriously need to get this request done!!!!

Bigger is better… that is the saying. Well for K that is more like a life motto. To go with her large furniture and large spaces, she wanted a large painting. Well that is what she is getting.

After having her second kid, K recently re-opened her practice and was doing an office make over. She already had her furniture from before so we just painted the office a new color and just needed to get a few pops of color in there. Another one of her friends helped pick out some patterned, teal and blue chairs and table, and I was in charge of a large painting for the wall.

I had already started the painting when I got a picture of the chairs she picked out. They were more blue than the teal she had told me. It threw a little bit of a monkey wrench in the colors I had already started using on her painting, but in the wise words of Mr. Tim Gunn, make it work. And that is exactly what I did. I was working on a 3 part design plan: background, metallic, and then top design. The background would bring in the pops of color, the metallic to tie in the other accent pieces she had, and top design would be black to tie in the color of the furniture.

Step 1: Background

I had seen this painting on Pinterest that I always liked and used it as the inspiration. I liked it use of metallics on top of muted colors. True, I do not have the talents to make the metallic gold I used blend the best, but it came together.

Step 2: Metallic

I wasn’t sure exactly how to make the large gold area, but did know how to make the splatters on the rest of it. I sprayed the end (last few inches) of a straw directly with paint and then flicked it like I was doing a spell in Harry Potter under the tutelage of Hermonie Granger and it made the splatters. I really liked them but still am up in the air about the solid gold area. Maybe I will add some white splatters. We will see.

Next up the Step 3: Top Design

You can kind of see the lines. She is a chiropractor and wanted a spine. Well ONLY a spine on this BIG canvas was a little hard to imagine. So more the merrier! And by more I mean a torso. Now for the black…

Final Product:

I put it more in the light so that you can see the gold better. And as you can see, well maybe you didn’t notice so I will point it out, I did end up going back and changing that gold corner. I painted the corner the tan I used and then went back and lightly sprayed gold where the two colors came together so that it wasn’t such a harsh transition. I like it much better now!!!!


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