Monthly Archives: December 2017

Salmon, It’s What’s For Dinner

The day has finally come people! I have FINALLY finished the last saw from my second batch. I made the backgrounds for these saws about two months ago. I got the other saws finished and then hit a rut. I just could not figure out what animals to put on it, then couldn’t find...


Stewartville’s Sportsman Club Wild Game Feed

Keeping with the topic of remembering where you come from, this saw is about remembering those who have given to you and giving back to them. Background:  Over the years my parents and I have gone to some Wild Game Feed events in southern Minnesota. When I say wild game I mean wild animals...


Christmas Requests

When you think of Christmas presents your mind doesn’t normally go to painted saws. However, ever since I started painting saws and handsaws I have been getting requests for personalized ones this time of year. Previous requests have been saws with vehicles, depicting their hunting dogs, and this year two seasonal saws depicting my...