Monthly Archives: October 2017

Locked In

Before this saw I had never really painted clouds before. I had painted a mix of colors swirling to make the look of a sky, because a sky isn’t just a solid color, but has distinctive clouds. A few tutorials later and I feel like I got the hang of it. These turned out...


Bear Necessities

The background for this saw came from the fall colors I saw on my trip throughout New England last fall. Just during peak leaf peeping (yes, that is the correct term) season. The inspiration:   A lot of people love the fall, myself being one of them. I like the cooling weather, holidays, seasonal...


Duck, Duck, Labrador Retriever?

This is another one that I have never done. Painting or activity wise. DUCK HUNTING. In any way, shape, or form. Not dissimilar to goose hunting one can imagine, but I decided to do this one from on the water. Since I have not sat in a boat covered in fake grass and camo...