Monthly Archives: August 2017

Imperial March

Now, what is the opposite of Disney? Star Wars!! Now this is something I can easily figure out what should be black (Darth Vadar), red (Darth Maul), and grey/white (Storm Trooper). I have never rooted for the villains in this movie, just always admired their color palette, the typical colors of the “bad guys.”...


Dark Side of Disney

Well after all the circular saws last fall and the handsaws I just did I am taking a break and going back to some canvases. Maybe working on a few of the ideas off my list. I don’t really have much room on my walls to do anything big, but I have a handful...


Foreground Shmorground

Well after making my map I have been looking into all sorts of places to visit. I now have 6 vacations halfway planned. If I am going to get around to going on any of them I am going to need to make some extra money to squirrel away. Better get back to painting....