Monthly Archives: August 2016

Two by Two, Four by Four

This has three projects total. Earlier this summer I was asked to make a wood sign for a friend’s lake cabin, a Harley sign for another friend’s boyfriend, and an American Flag on an old barn door. All three in which I completed and quiet well I think. 1. LAKE CABIN: This was the...


Where In the World

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a globe! One of those old ones that used to be in all of our elementary classrooms. There are globes at Target that are smaller and solid colored, but I wanted a bigger one and didn’t want to pay $25 for a globe I was going to paint...


Going Out of Business

Hello Stranger. I haven’t written in a very long time. I don’t really have an excuse, my summer hasn’t been THAT full. I just haven’t gotten around to writing. I am a procrastinator after all. Always have been. Well where did we leave off? Oh yes, I was working on my headboard. Now that...