Monthly Archives: April 2016

Where Did All the Buttons Go?

With some help I got my headboard up to and into my apartment!!! Here are all of my supplies:   – Two packages of egg shell foam (the ones with the dips in them). I looked into the uniform 1” and 2” square foam, but the 1” was too thin and the 2” was...


Check Out Is At 4:00

The metal label holders have arrived people!!!!! Time to finish this project!!! What I need to do: 1. Figure out placement 2. Paint the nails, hooks, and holders so that they are all the same rustic/antique color 3. Attach holders and hooks 4. Attach hardware to back to allow for hanging 5. Number the...


Let’s Give Them the Bird

Maybe it’s the spring time, spring cleaning, or just my restlessness, but lately I have been thinking about all of my unfinished projects. I had a list of all the ones I had started, wanted, and needed to complete. These included my headboard, keys project, saw blades (I had 6 painted and 5 that...