Monthly Archives: July 2015

Brick by Brick We Pave Our Lives

House DIY time! My friend is redoing and updating different aspects of her house. An unfinished basement, old fireplace, unfinished cabinets, four different floors, over grown landscape, dying landscape, outdated bathroom, etc. A true fixer upper. And she wants it farmhouse style. She finished the living room and managed the landscape and new deck....


Painted Plank By Plank

Next up is a lake scene with a dock, but the twist was that she wanted it mostly blues. A few greens, browns, and such for trees along the shore and dock, but no yellows, oranges, or reds. The Idea: Well the background started one way and then based on the side of the...


Day Of

The day has come and went. Presents open and games played. I wish I would have taken photos the night before of all that we had set up, but I was too tried and we had some final details to work out in the morning. Well the next morning my family was up and...