Sawing Through the Woods, Off To the Taxidermist’s We Go

I received three handsaws, not circular saws that I have been doing lately, actual wooden handled handsaws, for the taxidermist that bleached the doe skulls I dip painted however long ago. In exchange for him throwing those skulls in for me, I am painting whatever he wants for these. Which ends up being a...


Lets Get Buck In Here

It is actually a little tough to come up with names for each post. Especially since I do so many animal saw blades, it’s hard to come up with something different, fun, catching. Luckily I only have one more saw blade after this one. I found one more saw blade, smallest diameter one I...


Meleagris gallopavo

Well hunting season is upon us, as it is every fall, and that is how I started with all these saw blades in the first place. Now I am down to my last two. At least for a while or until I get bored or I’m trapped inside because there is a snow storm....


It’s Only $2.99… So it’s Okay Right?!

Well I took my own advice from about a month back and went thrift shopping. It was good and bad. Good because I found a lot of stuff I liked, bad because I bought a lot of stuff I didn’t really need. But isn’t that kind of what always happens, no matter what you...


Farm Living is the Place to Be

Well there is no internet today, so I am using the two programs that don’t need it, ITunes and Microsoft Word. A life without WiFi is a bitch I tell you. I had high hopes of getting a lot done today, most of which needed internet, but my laptop had other ideas. Maybe it...